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As the Health and Wellbeing Specialist for CGI IT UK Limited, it is part of my remit to design and promote health and wellbeing initiatives for often sedentary employees. Over the past year I have had considerable support from Elite Corporate Performance and contact with Director Matt Jaggard.

Elite Corporate Performance have provided both one-to-one coaching for individuals undertaking large-scale sporting challenges and also ran a very successful 6 week weight loss course involving in-depth nutritional analysis, physical activity interventions, weekly group phone calls and individual follow-up.  Feedback from the participants in these activities was so positive that I intend to repeat both these activities this year alongside other ideas for health promotion activities, which I am developing in collaboration with Matt.

Matt has always been extremely helpful and responsive, turning sometimes speculative ideas into concrete projects which he then delivers extremely effectively and to deadline.

Motivational and challenging were words frequently used to describe the service provided and I am certainly very satisfied with the support I have received so far.  I am delighted to recommend Elite Corporate Performance without reservation and am happy to be contacted to discuss this further if needed

Cgi-logo-300x300Anne Bartlett, RGN, MSC (OH), CMIOSH – CGI Health and Wellbeing Specialist.



The 6 Week Online Lifestyle Course run by Elite Corporate Performance for CGI was a fantastic experience. I learnt how to eat and have a balanced diet. I was also motivated to exercise and make a conscious effort to move during the day. Through the weekly 1-2-1 calls and the occasional group calls I was accountable for my eating and exercising actions and this helped to keep me focused. Matt’s knowledge and support greatly helped me make the right alternative decisions. It was a pleasure to be part of this course and make a positive change to my lifestyle. Thanks! :-)

Georgie, CGI.Cgi-logo-300x300




The 6 week Online Lifestyle Course was perfect for me. I have a lot of weight to lose and although this programme isn’t based on weight loss I did end up losing 8lbs. This programme is for someone who needs to change their habits and the way they look at food and exercise. It’s a life changing programme not a quick fix. Matt the ‘coach’ was VERY helpful and he helped me make small adjustments one at a time rather than everything at once. This meant I was able to stick to it much more and I barely noticed things had changed. Having the programme at 6 weeks instead of 4 means it becomes more of a routine and a longer term aspiration. Matt is also very friendly and was always there on phone or email if I had a question or problem. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who struggles with food/exercise

Penelope, CGI.Cgi-logo-300x300




“I was persuaded to trying a different weight loss approach which prompted me to change from Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) meal pack dieting to eating real food – something that was long overdue!!! I learned to maintain my weight eating healthily rather than depending on VLCD meal-packs. I very much liked Matt’s approach of not being overly restrictive in how I eat but to just ensure what I eat is all healthy, balanced, frequent enough and has sufficient protein to keep hunger at bay. I very much enjoyed experimenting with preparing a variety of tasty & nutritionally dense meals. I am now fitter and therefore enjoying exercise more. Before, when I swam, I did 42 laps in 30 mins. Now I can do 50 laps in 30 mins and feel like I still have the energy to do another 20!”


Alice, CGI.




“Enjoyed working with Matt on the 6 week lifestyle programme.  I have changed my eating habits significantly and signed back up at the gym to get more exercise.  As a result I have manged to stabilise my weight and get it moving in the right direction.  I found Matt very helpful and encouraging. I was treated as an individual and he tailored the programme to match me and what I could achieve.  I am very pleased I took part as I feel so much more healthier now.  I am always mindful of what I eat and on the lookout for where I can fit in more exercise as part of my daily routine”

Cgi-logo-300x300 Gillian, CGI.