Facility Installation & Management

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Facility Installation

Having a purpose built facility is not essential but if required we can help provide your company with changing rooms, a studio or an on-site gym.

Find us the space and then let us provide you with the facilities your business desires.

We work with leading contractors who have supplied some of the best facilities in the world to provide you with a wide range of options to suit all budgets.

You may need changing facilities if you just want to hold on sight classes, a studio if you want to develop underused office space or even a fully functional training facility.

We work in conjunction with your company step by step of the way to find an optimal solution and then seamlessly implement a plan of action.

The many benefits associated with employees having access to a training facility onsite can be found here.


Facility Management

If your company has a new facility installed or an underused facility that needs managing, we can provide varying facility management options.

Having a facility managed will ensure that both staff and the business get the most out of their investment.

Depending on the type of facility that is installed the following options may be available;

  • Gym Inductions
  • Programme Design Sessions
  • Programme Review Sessions
  • Gym Supervision
  • Personal Training
  • Classes

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