Fizzy Drinks at Work?


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If you’re sitting at your desk and there is a bottle of fizzy drink parked on your workstation then you may want to check this out.

As you may have heard, the Chancellor is imposing including a tax on sugary drinks with a litre of Coke could rise by as much as 24p.

We always knew there was a problem with them, and now we know why…

New research published in the journal Circulation has found those who consume sugary drinks are significantly more likely to put on visceral fat – the type of fat that clings onto your organs.

Below are 5 more reasons why you should ditch that sugary afternoon pick-me-up.

1. They rot your teeth

Everyone knows sodas affect your smile but The University of Birmingham found they’re far more potent than previously thought.

Research showed fizz (both full-fat and diet) is up to 10 times more corrosive than fruit juices because of its high citric acid content.

2. They make you look older

Those expensive moisturisers can’t get you around this one.

Research by the University of California has shown two or more cans of fizzy drink a day will make you age quicker.

This is because your telomeres (the chromosome-protecting ends of DNA) shorten and reduce your cells ability to regenerate – making them up to 4.6 times older.

3. They damage your liver

While alcohol is widely acknowledged to be your liver’s biggest enemy, fizzy drinks can do an equal amount of damage.

Researchers found that fructose heads straight for your liver, making you five times more likely to develop fatty liver disease – which can lead to cirrhosis.

Sure, your liver can handle the occasional post-work pint, but compounding the damage with pop is a recipe for disaster.

4. They ruin your diet

The University of Bangor found people who regularly drink two or more cans of fizzy drink a day will crave sugar more regularly.

That’s because the drinks dull your perception of sweet tastes. This makes it harder to keep a lid on your cravings.

5. They can be deadly

If your midday pick-me-up is a can of fizzy pop it’s time to change.

In a study conducted over a 15-year period for the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found indulging in a daily 330ml can is enough to increase your risk of prostate cancer by up to 40%.


If that isn’t enough for you then check out this infographic from the Renegade Pharmacist, it will blow your mind!!

Interesting stuff.

Thanks again,

Matt Jaggard, Director. 


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