So where did we come from?

Elite Corporate Performance was founded by Matt Jaggard. Matt has worked within high performance environments with Badminton England, The Lawn Tennis Association, MTV, Aldershot Town Football Club, Surrey County Cricket Club and Virgin Active.

This wide range of experience is supported with a solid foundation of education including BSc (hons) Sport Science and MSc Strength and Conditioning.

Matt believes that there are many similarities between corporate and sporting environments which took him into this field. In the main, everyone is working towards one goal and that goal is success. This success is driven by team cohesion, levels of focus and reduced staff turnover amongst others. In addition to the physical benefits these are all variables that a professionally implemented wellness programme can influence.


A little more detail about what we do and why we exist…

We understand the barriers that the working population have to deal with to maintain an acceptable level of health. These barriers are more prominent than ever and there is now wide ranging research which demonstrates a clear link between corporate working environments and sedentary lifestyles.

To help overcome these barriers we engage businesses and their employees in education and exercise to stop consistently declining levels of health.

On average the working population are sitting for 9 hours + a day and the human body was not designed to work in this way. Behaviours such as this are having an adverse effect on employee health and business performance.

Significant healthcare costs related to physical inactivity and sedentary behaviours are now widely reported. The most recent figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics show that 131 million days were lost to sickness in 2014. The two largest contributing factors were neck, back and muscle pain which totalled 31 million days (25%) along with stress, anxiety and depression totalling 15 million days (12%).

Physical inactivity has become normal and over the last two decades physical activity has been reduced by 20%. Globally, 40% of individuals with cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer had previously failed to achieve the minimum exercise recommendations for health of 150 min/week of moderate-intensity physical activity.

These statistics are accelerating and they are the sort of statistics that we aim to reverse by increasing the understanding or personal wellbeing and performance.

Many businesses have reactive systems in place to support staff with both mental and physical illness but we believe it is unfair to let employee wellbeing reach this stage. A proactive approach to wellbeing  is highly beneficial for employers and their employees.

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